10 good reasons to pack light when you travel

Traveling with a light backpack is the dream of many travelers. But in the face of the unknown, we tend to want to reassure ourselves and take away many things during our trips, which comfort us and help us feel prepared. Vagabond gives you 10 good reasons to dare to lighten up during your travels!


1. You move more easily

This is probably the first reason that motivates many travelers to pack light. If you leave with a backpack of 40 liters weighing less than 10 kilos, you will have many more facilities to go from one place to another. You will be able to move on foot and by public transport very easily, and will be much less dependent on taxis.

2. You have less waiting at the airport

Traveling with a small bag allows, from the moment it does not exceed the maximum weight and size indicated by the airline, to place it in the cabin. This saves you the waiting time to check your luggage when you leave, and the waiting time to pick it up on arrival. You will see that your travel time will be greatly shortened!

3. You are less tired

Wearing a backpack weighing more than 20 kilograms or hanging out on a large suitcase while traveling can be very tiring. It can also cause physical problems, especially if you have a fragile back. By traveling light, you gain a lot of energy and reduce the risk of hurting yourself during your trip.

4. You dress more easily

If we often tend to load because we are afraid of missing clothes depending on the occasions, it will ultimately be much easier to choose clothes if you have a limited choice. Although this is a bit difficult at first, you get used to having fewer choices of outfits very quickly

5. You limit the risk of loss or theft

Also, the less business you have with you, the less likely you are to be robbed or misplaced on the way. It is also an opportunity to take away precious things such as jewelery, electronics, a computer, etc. In addition, you can keep your bag with you while traveling by bus, train, and plane, which greatly reduces your chances of being robbed, or losing some of your belongings.

6. You have more room for souvenirs

If you leave with very little business, that does not mean you have to come back with such a light bag! The extra space you have will allow you to be quieter at the thought of buying some souvenirs, without fear of overloading yourself.

7. You spend less

It does not seem like, but traveling with an imposing bag can lead to additional costs: excess baggage at the airport, the payment of a checked trip not included in the airfare, the price of taxi fares ... With your little bag on the back, you will have less difficulty walking for a long time to find cheap accommodation, or to take local transport, even if they do not have a hold.

8. You only have useful things

Traveling lightly also means taking only the bare essentials, essential things you can not do without. This is an opportunity to make a big vacuum in your wardrobe, to keep only the things you love to wear, and in which you feel comfortable.

9. You save time

Traveling with a minimalist attitude also saves time in the preparation of your bag, but also in the choice of clothes that you will wear for the day, and especially, every time you need to pack or unpack your stuff, especially if you roam around the world and move from one home to another very often.

10. You are lightening your mind

Finally, you will quickly see that a lightweight bag also makes one feel much lighter mentally. Sorting your stuff and keeping only the essentials helps you get away from the material to focus on more authentic things. In addition, traveling light helps you feel less stressed: you get less attention with a small bag, and it helps to get out of his comfort zone and to have more confidence.