How to protect yourself from heat while on vacation ?

Many tourists decide to go abroad to escape the cold or to bask on a paradise beach. While we talk a lot about the heat wave in France, Vagabond gives you tips to protect you from the heat abroad.

Holidays often rhyme with carelessness. We take advantage of the moment and forget the basic rules to have fun without jeopardizing his health. When you go abroad for a beach destination, there will often be heat spikes and you have to protect yourself to the maximum so as not to end your holidays in the emergency room.

Avoid going out between 12h and 16h

If you want to bask in the pill, you should avoid doing it when the sun is highest in the sky and therefore the strongest. Get out in the morning or late afternoon so you do not expose yourself to these hottest hours and end up with severe sunburn.

travel hot weather

Cover yourself (at least a little)

Yes, we know, you worked very hard this year to strut your beach body, but will you still show it if it is completely burnt? Be careful therefore to wear a hat and have a sarong or light and loose clothing to cover the most exposed parts (face, shoulders, back) during your walks during the hottest hours of the day.

Bring your solar products

Sunscreen and after sun care will certainly not be the same as in your country of residence. It is therefore important to plan with you the products adapted to your skin with the maximum protection indices.

travel hot weather

Hydrate and consume locally!

During a heat wave, your body will dehydrate very quickly. It is therefore essential to drink throughout the day, preferably between 1.5 and 2 liters of water per day. Avoid alcohol consumption or at least accompany your mojitos with a glass of water. Enjoy your trip to consume the local cuisine adapted to this climate. Choose spicy food and fruits.

Oh and do not forget ... have fun!