THE EYE OF THE VAGABOND - Zelda Bomba, painting the town red

You may have already seen her work in Paris, Rome or in London, Zelda Bomba, is a French street-artist who warms our walls with her red faces, tributes to pop culture icons. She agreed to answer our questions.

zelda bomba

How have you started street-art ?

It's a long journey. I've always been interested in what's happening in the street, but without really thinking that I too could interfere, especially since I've long associated street and bombs (I feel much more comfortable with paintbrushes). I painted walls when I lived in Rome, I participated in the Upfest of Bristol, so yes, it was in the air but never as systematic as now. And then the idea sprouted by chance, faced with red faces that I had painted and that I first thought of turning into masks, the idea of sticking in the street really imposed itself, in reaction also to a Intensive workshop work that needed air and new momentum. So I really live what I do on the street as a different part of my painting job, but it has become very important (whereas at first it was very spontaneous, I did not really know where it would lead me) .


What are your vision and the message behind Zelda Bomba?

 For me, it's more about new experiences and positioning in relation to my work. A painting is different if it is intended to be exposed in gallery or to be stuck in the street. In the street, we can meet the eyes of everyone, I think that my collages have a less intimate character than my workshop work, they feed on pop culture, sometimes messages, they have a color code that is close from that of the traffic signs. I do not have a particular message but I think it is more and more important to reinvest the street, in every way. More and more, the streets are just places of passage for shopping and other forms of consumption. However, we must be concerned about what is happening in the public space, at all levels, and be present.

zelda bomba


How do you choose where you put on your work ? A city you’d like to cover with your art ?


In general, I stick in places that are familiar to me, but also in places already invested by artists because I like when paintings, collages and other accumulate and create a set. There are many places where I would like to stick, maybe Berlin first, or Barcelona ...

zelda bomba


What is your favorite piece and why?

It's hard to say because often a favorite work is dethroned by another. For the moment, it may be an original work that I stuck in Shoreditch, London, the one carrying the message "Silence Is Consent". The reason is that I find that the message is in adequacy with the graphic realization, all in the sense that I wanted what is not always obvious. I wanted to give this collage a slightly anxiety, political sense and in my opinion, it does not work too badly.

zelda bomba

What are your projects for the next few months?

At the street art level, I think to develop more original creations. At first, it was a little taboo for me, I stuck reproductions of my faces, today I want to do things bigger and above all, to give more space to the message, to work the adequacy between writing and image. I also want new places. All this without neglecting my work more "traditional" painting.

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